Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Thank you for using Aico (the "Service") provided by ReturnZero (the "Company"). This terms of service is an agreement between the company and the users regarding the use of service. Herein ‘user’ refers to all users including individuals, enterprises, and institutions who install and use the services and agree to these terms and conditions. Users must agree to these Terms of Service in order to use this Service.


1. Introduction to the service

  1. This service is a video editing program that provides features such as automatic subtitle generation based on voice recognition and text-to-speech synthesis through artificial intelligence technology. The company offers this service in various formats, including a file that can be installed and run on different operating systems, a web-based experience accessible through a browser, and a mobile application that can be downloaded and executed on mobile devices.
  1. This service is available anytime, anywhere within the limits of the law.
  1. This service is divided into 'Free Service', which is provided for free, and 'Paid Service', which is provided for a fee.
  1. Users are composed of a member who created an account according to these terms and a non-member who uses the Service without the account. Regardless of whether or not you are a member, you can use this service for free within the scope provided by the Company, as a user subject to this service agreement. However, there may be some restrictions on the use of the service for non-members.
  1. The company does its best to provide users with a service of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without interruption. However, the service may be interrupted in cases of regular inspection, extensions or replacement of the system or in the events of unwanted situations, such as a national emergency, power failure, or service facility failure.
  1. In the event of service interruption, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the company shall notify the user in possible appropriate ways, such as announcements on the service screen. However, in case that making advance notices is not possible due to service interruption caused by reasons beyond the company's control (such as disruptions non-relevant to the intentions or mistakes of the company, system down, etc.), the company shall not make such announcements and will not be held liable for any damages caused to the user.
  1. The company may modify and update this service or software (partly or in overall) at any time.

2. Scope of the use of service

  1. Users can use this service for free within a limited scope.
  1. For paid services, users can access the service after the payment is completed.

3. Application for membership

  1. Users, regardless of whether they are registered or not, who use the service of the company are deemed to agree to the terms of the use of this service and signed a contract for use of the service with the company.
  1. Users can sign up for free. When a user wishes to join as a member, he or she applies for membership by filling out the member information in the registration form provided by the company and expressing his or her intention to agree to the terms of the use of this service.
  1. If a user under the age of 14 wishes to join as a member, then consent process of the legal representative, such as parents, is additionally required.

4. Acceptance of membership application

  1. When the user agrees to these terms and conditions, personal information processing policy, etc. and applies for membership registration through the email authentication process, which is necessary for membership registration, the company accepts this and grants a member account to the user. However, if a child under the age of 14 applies for membership, the application for membership is accepted only with the consent of a legal representative, such as parents.
  1. The company may refuse to accept the application for membership if there are the following reasons.
  1. If the company has the following reasons, it may withhold consent to the application for use. In this case, the company posts other matters related to the reservation, such as the reason for the reservation, the availability of the request, or the additional request information or data necessary for the approval, on the relevant service screen or through the email.
    1. When the service cannot be provided due to the environmental cause or the technical issue
    2. When there are other reasons from the reasonable judgment of the company.

5. Management of the Account

  1. The service support only one account per email address.
  1. The account can only be used by the member, and in no case can other people be allowed to use the member's account.
  1. The member must manage his/her ID and password so that other people cannot use the member's account without permission, and the member is responsible for all the management. However, this clause does not apply in case of intention or negligence of the company.
  1. If a member recognizes that his or her ID has been illegally used, the member must immediately notify the company and follow the company's instructions.
  1. In the case of Clause 4, the company shall not be liable for any disadvantages arising from the failure of the member to notify the company or to follow the company's instructions after notification.
  1. If the account and password registered by the member are the same as those registered with the company, the company considers the user as a member without additional verification.
  1. When there is a change in the notices made at the time of application for service use, the member must directly modify the changed information within the service or request to update the changed information through e-mail or customer center, and keep the latest information. The company is not responsible for any disadvantages arising from unchanged information.
  1. If the company is notified of the change from the member in accordance with clause 7, the company will change immediately the personal information.
  1. The company will compensate the member for damages caused by the company's failure to perform the obligations specified in clause 8. However, this is not the case when the company proves that there is no intention or negligence.

6. Right to Cancel and Revocation

  1. If the user has paid for a monthly subscription and has not used the Paid Services, User may cancel the Paid Services contract within 7 days from the date of payment and receive a full refund of the payment amount.
  1. If the user uses a paid service after paying for a monthly subscription, the user may not withdraw from the paid service contract even if it is within 7 days from the date of payment, and the Company will not refund the paid service fee.
  1. If the user wishes to terminate the paid service use contract, user shall immediately notify the company of user intention to terminate. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user's delay or failure to notify the company of user intention to terminate.
  1. If the user terminates the paid service contract after 7 days have passed from the date of payment of the monthly subscription, the paid service contract will be terminated upon expiration of the current month's paid service period, and the company will not refund the usage fee.

7. Sanctions for member obligations and violations

  1. Members should not do the following:
    1. Act as a member using other or false personal information
    2. The act of using the service by pretending to be another person or entrusting his/her account information to another person
    3. Acts that threaten the e-commerce order, such as interrupting the use of other members' services
    4. Other acts in violation of the obligations of laws and regulations
  1. In the event of any of the reasons listed in clause 1, the company may permanently lose membership by canceling the usage contract with the member without prior notice, in which case re-enrollment may be prevented.
  1. The company may impose restrictions on the use of the service instead of terminating the contract in the event of a cause under each subparagraph of Article 1 or Article 11.

8. Membership Withdrawal

  1. Members can apply for membership withdrawal at any time using the menu provided in the service or customer center, and the company handles this as prescribed by law and withdraws the membership.
  1. In the case of withdrawal from membership, the company deletes the member's information except in the case of retaining the member's information in accordance with laws and personal information processing policies.
  1. Even if a member withdraws from the membership, the member can apply for membership in the company again.

9. Company responsibilities and disclaimers

  1. This service provided by the company is offered "as it is". Also, for all assurances or warranties relating to anything not specified in the present terms of use, the company disclaims all express and implied warranties, including all the articles below, to the maximum extent permitted by law.
    1. The service or software shall meet user’s requirements, be continuously available, uninterrupted, timely, safe, or error-free
    2. Results obtained using the service or software are effective, accurate, or reliable
    3. The quality of the service or software meets the expectations of the user
    4. Errors or defects in the service or software may be modified
  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the company will not be liable for the following matters in the absence of any intentional or grievous mistakes of the company.
    1. Physical injury resulting from access to or use of the service
    2. Loss/damage caused by a third party illegally accessing or using the company's server
    3. Loss/damage caused by a third party obstructing a transmission to or from the company's server
    4. Loss/damage caused by a third party’s transmission or distribution of malicious programs
    5. Loss/damage caused by omission or destruction of the transmitted data
    6. To the extent allowed by the law, any indirect damages, special damages, consequential losses, disciplinary damages, punitive damages, etc. that are caused by generally unforeseeable or special circumstances
    7. Loss/damage caused by the inability to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure
    8. Loss/damage caused by problems in the use of the service caused by negligence or intention of the user

10. Personal Data Protection

User’s personal data collected by the company in the use of the service shall be used only for the purposes and within the limits agreed by the user and the company safely manages the personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection related statutes. The policies and efforts the company has established regarding personal information protection can be verified through the privacy policy of the service.

11. Obligation of users

  1. The user may use the service only in a manner that complies with the copyright and intellectual property related statutes and all other applicable laws in the area in which the service is used.
  1. The user may not sell this service(Aico) in part or in whole.
  1. The user may not use this service with any device, software or service designed to avoid technical measures to protect contents or other copyrighted materials (or license) protected by the copyright law of the area where this service is used.
  1. The user may not modify this service or make abusing actions through technology breaches (like redistribution of the service in all forms including reverse engineering, decompile, disassembly, software reverse engineering, addition of malignant codes, arbitrary modification, modification of installation files or any other files), macro programs, bots, automated methods, etc.
  1. The user may not collect or use other users' information without permission, violate other ordinances, cause tangible or intangible damage to the company.
  1. The user should be liable for any violation of the obligations of this section (civil/criminal liability) and shall indemnify the company for damages in proportion to their fault.

12. Rights of the user

  1. Herein, ‘uploaded content’ refers to all materials, such as audio files, video files, electronic documents, or images used by the service that the user uploads to the service or software in relation to the use of this service. Users can use the editing features to modify or delete the contents that the user uploads to the service.
  1. Regarding the uploaded contents, the user retains the same rights as before the submission and the company does not acquire this right.
  1. By uploading the content to this service, the user is deemed to have all the necessary licenses and necessary rights to use the content and to guarantee that the content violates or has no fear of violating laws or these terms and conditions.
  1. The user indemnifies the company from any compensation of damages, appeals, losses, or damages arising from the user's use of the uploaded content.

13. Rights of the company

  1. In accordance with these terms and conditions, the company grants the user a personal, non-transferable and nonexclusive right to use the service. The company has all rights (ownership and intellectual property) to the service and related documents. The installation or use of the service does not transfer ownership or intellectual property rights of the service from the company to the user and license authorization under these terms of use shall not be construed as transfer or sale of ownership or intellectual property rights of the service, etc.
  1. This service is protected under the Copyright Act, other laws regarding intellectual property rights and international agreements on copyrights and the user are solely responsible for any problems arising from the use of services or service contents in illegal or wrongful manners. These terms and conditions of use do not grant or guarantee the user any license to the service content.
  1. The company has the right to alter or discontinue the characteristics or functions of the service to improve the quality of the service. Also, the company may provide all or part of the service to each user differently depending on the different conditions set by the company.

14. Termination of contract

  1. The user can terminate the contract for the use of the software at any time by uninstalling the service (deletion of software). However, the user will be responsible for any problems caused by the user's illegal or unjust use of this service even after the termination of the contract.
  1. In such cases the user violates the provisions of these terms and conditions and does not rectify even after being notified of such violations or the service cannot be provided under the law or the company chooses to suspend all or part of the service or software, the company may terminate the license to the service or software at any time, which is deemed to be the termination of the contract.

15. The language of use, governing laws and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are written in Korean is the original copy and disputes concerning the use of the service between the company and the users are regulated according to the laws of Korea. All legal disputes arising out of these terms and conditions of use and license of the service involve the Seoul Central District Court as a court of original and exclusive jurisdiction.

16. Notifications to the company

The company values the opinions of the users. Users can provide feedback at any time via the company's customer response email aico-contact@rtzr.ai.

17. Changes in terms and conditions

  1. The company may revise these terms to the extent that they do not violate the relevant statutes, such as the [Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions].
  1. If the company revises the terms and conditions, shall notify it on the initial page of the service website or the program execution screen with the date of enforcement and the reasons of revision, together with the current terms, 7 days (30 days for changes that are disadvantageous or significant to users) prior to the date of enforcement until the date the enforcement begins.
  1. If the user has not expressively expressed a refusal even after the company notifies the revision in accordance with the previous paragraph and clearly notifies the user that if they do not express their opinion within the 30-day period they will be considered as having expressed one, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised agreement.
  1. If the user expressively indicates that he/she does not agree to the enforcement of the revised terms, the company cannot apply the revised terms, in this case, the user may terminate the service contract. However, the company may terminate the service contract in the event of technical or business difficulties in applying the existing terms and conditions.

18. Miscellaneous provisions

When the user does not comply with these terms and conditions, the company is not considered to give up its rights even if it does not take immediate actions and any inability to enforce some of these terms shall not affect any other provision.

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